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Amsterdam & Crowd Effect

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10 Apr Amsterdam & Crowd Effect

Amsterdam wants to innovate. Be the innovator. Have the startup environment in an uplift.

That’s is why they created Startup in Residence. A 4-months program in which the muncipality works together with startups to solve societal problems in Amsterdam.

And… we wouldn’t write about it.. if we wouldn’t have been selected.

With our newest concept – Treasure Hunt Circle – the circular economy gets really practical. We believe that all ‘stuff’ still has value. People want to get rid of stuff, but this process is not facilitated very well. We build an online space where you find the best next owner of your stuff. Without hassle, without risk. And your stuff will be in good hands.

One of the themes of Startup in Residence was the Circular Economy. Completely fits our concept. We had some great workshops and got to meet great people with a critical yet flexible mind.

The four months program was just a start – I am sure that in the future we will work together on a circular community in Amsterdam.

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