Crowd Effect | About Us
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About Us


We want to help those crazy entrepreneurs and companies who are changing the world for the good. Building communities, and not a clientele, is what the world needs to get those ideas out there.

We are glad to be part of that!

We love to combine our strength to work on the realization of a good idea. We are always curious to dive deep into a new potential community and try to relate to their mindset. We challenge and nudge people to stand for an idea and form a crowd. Forming a crowd needs attention from different people from different fields.


Anja Cheriakova

Creative Director

Elisa van Dam

Chief Executive Officer

Jelle Tromp

Marketing Manager

Mark van der Pal

Chief Technical Officer

Our extended family

Reinier van Oorsouw

Movie and photography creative

Dylan Polak

Visual magician

Masha Cheriakova

Marketing guru

Jorden van het Hoogt

Sustainability engineer